[VIDEO] Waters Faces Calls for Arrest After “Take Out Trump” Threat

In mid-October in New York City, Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters attended a benefit gala that was hosted in honor of a murdered transgendered teen. When Waters got up to speak, she used the platform as another dig at President Donald Trump, promising the audience that she was going to “take him out.”

Now, Waters’ GOP challenger is calling for her arrest.

During the gala evening at the Ali Forney Center for homeless gay, lesbian and transgenders, Waters stated, “Wow. What a moving evening this is. I am sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali, even though I never met him.”

That’s when things took a decidedly bizarre turn. “And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight,” Waters added and, not surprisingly, the overwhelmingly liberal crowd cheered right along with her.

But there was one person who wasn’t cheering, Republican challenger to Waters’ seat, Omar Navarro.

Navarro took to Twitter to blast Waters for her thinly veiled threat, writing, “I’m calling for the arrest of Maxine Waters. Let’s get ready for it.” Using the same language Waters often uses when speaking about Trump, “calling for his impeachment,” Navarro hit her right back.

Only, this time, she could actually be facing time, considering that she did threaten the sitting President of the United States. See the video below:

On Sunday, Navarro called for the Secret Service to demand that Waters step down as a result of her threat against Trump’s life. “Secret Service should call for Maxine Waters immediate resignation after these comments,” he tweeted. “We don’t need lip service.” Her mobster mentality has gone too far.

Waters went on CNN on Tuesday to try and walk back her remarks, claiming her statement was no real, physical threat to Trump. In an interview with “New Day,” she told host Chris Cuomo she said she was referring to impeachment, not assassination.

“That’s absolutely ridiculous … that a 79-year-old grandmother who is a congresswoman and who has been in Congress and politics all these years doing any harm,” she said. “The only harm I might be doing to the president is I want him impeached.”

source: www.conservativetribune.com

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