Princeton Professor Accuses Trump Of Forcing White People To Ask If We “Need N*****s”

Princeton Professor just accused President Trump of causing the ‘White republic’ to ask itself if, in his words, we “need n*****s”. How could President Trump even do something like that? It appears the rhetoric against President Trump is getting more and more extreme.

In a TIME op-ed, the professor Eddie S. Glaude, Jr. and gave a history lesson of Martin Luther King. He then discussed James Baldwin, who claimed that even after Martin Luther King, America would have to “solve the ugly moral problem that sits at the heart of [the] Republic”. Apparently President Trump is making us face this question.

“Baldwin knew that something much more than politics, much more than the political theater of a march, would be needed to solve the ugly moral problem that sits at the heart of this Republic. He urged the nation to confront that ugliness head on, but the country has consistently refused to do so,” wrote Glaude.

 “And here we are 54 years later celebrating the significance of the March on Washington and invoking Dr. King’s dream in the full and frightening light of white supremacists marching in our streets, of a presidential pardon for a modern-day Bull Connor, Sheriff Joe Arpaio; a transgender ban in the military; and draconian immigration policies that suggest a corrosion of the soul. We celebrate the March on Washington in the full light of the disaster of Donald Trump and his “presidency of hate,” he wrote.

“As it has always been, much more is required of us than easy condemnations or the traditional theater of American racial politics. James Baldwin was right 54 years ago today: The American white republic must answer, once and for all, the question that haunts it: why do you need ‘n****rs’ in the first place?” he wrote.


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