MSNBC Just Claimed Trump Ending DACA Is Part Of ‘White Supremacy Agenda’

One of the nastiest moves the Democratic Party has made on the American people is trying to convince them that prioritizing Americans over foreigners for jobs and other benefits is not only not un-patriotic but is also somehow “bad.”

Following President Donald Trump’s announcement that he would be ending former President Barack Obama’s illegal immigrant amnesty program DACA with a six month delay, a liberal commentator appeared on MSNBC and declared that Trump’s move was part of a “white supremacy agenda.”

Frequent guest Karine Jean-Pierre appeared as part of a panel discussion about North Korea and Hurricane Harvey and somehow turned it into a smear against Trump about how he’s a bigot. Began Karine, “They have a tough time of it, Republicans on the Hill, because before the natural disaster of Harvey came along, they had a difficult September coming their way. And I just don’t see how they’re going to be able to do tax reform — there’s still this question of even playing politics with Hurricane Harvey and taking a billion dollars from the natural disaster relief for the wall.”

She continued, “So there is a lot there on the table. And, honestly, I mean, look, Chris, we are at an inflection point. We have…we are closer to war than we’ve ever been with North Korea.”

In knee-jerk fashion, liberal Jean-Pierre then pivoted to attacking Trump about DACA, saying, “And, secondly, you know, we’re hearing tomorrow that he might — he might do away with DACA, which is another moral line that he would be crossing, which is something that would be enforcing — advancing a white supremacy agenda, and also against what the majority of Americans want.” Why do liberals make everything about race? Watch below:


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