Liberals Triggered by Melania’s Pumps in Texas Should Check Out What Michelle Wore to Feed the Poor

Let’s Not Forget About When Michelle Obama Wore $540 Shoes to Feed the Poor

First Lady Melania Trump has been all over the news for wearing stilettos before boarding Air Force One to visit the recently devastated Texas.

Many people claimed that she was completely out of touch with the situation she was going into because of her shoe choice. However, Trump proved them all wrong when she stepped off her plane in Texas in tennis shoes.

While it was strange for her to wear those heels, she certainly isn’t the only first lady in history that has been accused of being “completely out of touch with the situation.”

What the media has conveniently forgotten about is that time former First Lady Michelle Obama wore $540 designer sneakers to feed the poor at a Washington, D.C., food bank in May, 2009. Yes, you read that right.

These were certainly no Crocs. They were made by Lanvin, a high-fashion French designer, and have been famously worn by prominent figures such as Ellen DeGeneres and Kanye West.

The sneakers were described by Daily News Fashion Editor Amy Diluna as, “suede, with grosgrain ribbon laces and metallic pink toe caps.”

According to Diluna, just one week prior to Obama wearing the $540 shoes while feeding the poor, she wore an outfit coming in at over $2,000 while she shoveled dirt at a tree planting.

If Obama had worn exactly what Trump wore before her flight to Texas, she likely would not have gotten as much grief. Then again, Michelle probably wouldn’t have even gone to Texas in the first place considering she opted to campaign the night Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.


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