While Anthem Protests Continued Inside Stadiums, The Real Story Was Happening Outside of One

On Sunday, many players continued the national anthem protests before their National Football League games, but there was one group of people drawing attention on social media for its protest outside of a stadium.

A group organized by Jamal Bryant gathered outside the Baltimore Ravens game during the national anthem to take a knee with their fists up in protest and in support of Colin Kaepernick.

After the national anthem ended, the protesters gathered and prayed, saying:

“I pray that you’ll give liberty and justice for all. Make America great for the very first time. I pray that you will stop mass incarceration and unclog the prison pipeline. Give our young black and brown boys and opportunity to excel and do well. We stand on the shoulders of the ancestors who were killed and lynched. So that the next generation might in fact have access to democracy and live out the unfulfilled truths in the constitution.

I pray for every player that makes a knee in courage and for every person who will find strength to look in the face of white supremacy and racism so that we will be able to say to the next generation ‘We took a stand so you won’t have to take a bow.’ It’s in the name of an innocent black man named Jesus who was killed by the government that we pray and we find our strength, amen.”

The protesters said it was to “stop police brutality and racism,” but there was one man that stood out among the group, and he was standing right in front of them.


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